1.5kva inverter

Product Information

The SLI15 1.5kVA Inverter Series provides an ideal solution for telecom, IT, and industrial applications. Due to innovative technology solutions, the SLI15 inverters pack 1500 watts of power into a light (5.6 kg) and compact package that is mountable in 19” racks and is only one rack unit high.

The SLI15 1.5kVA Inverter Series offers four models for different input (24 and 48 VDC) and output (115 and 230 VAC) voltage combinations. An integrated controller, along with an optional internal Static Transfer Switch (STS) enable flexible and scalable systems which are truly “plug and play”, and require no external subsystems. The inverters can be stacked up to the power level needed by each application up to a maximum of 6 units and also have the capability to be configured for generating a 3-phase voltage source.

Electrical performance of the SLI15 1.5kVA is exemplary of a top-of-the-market products with efficiency that peaks at 93% and a patent-pending control algorithm that compensates current harmonics on the DC side without using bulky andexpensive filters. The SLI15 includes a powerful on-board Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that allows easy programming of main parameters through use of its front-panel keypad and LCD display. In addition, the SLI15 can be interfaced with an RS-485 serial communications link and this in turn can be interfaced with most Aspiro and Guardian DC Power Systems using a translator board.


Features and Options
  • 1U height x 19” width x 14.94” depth; 19” rack-mount
  • Input isolated from ground for positive or negative ground connection at 24VDC or 48VDC
  • High efficiency: up to 93%
  • True sine wave output
  • Parallelable output with current share and synchronization of up to 6 inverters working in parallel
  • Front panel LCD display to monitor and set the main parameters
  • RS-485 serial link
  • Constant input current sink from battery for extended life
  • Optional hot-swappable configuration
  • Optional internal Static Transfer Switch
  • In the -STS version, ON line (primary source to the load) or OFF line mode (UPS mode)
  • Configurable for being used as Three Phase source (3 units required, see page 6 for further details)
  • Can be integrated into Guardian Access Power Systems
Voltage24VDC (20-36VDC) | 48VDC (40-72VDC)
Current (max.) 100 A (24V) | 48A (48V)
Inrush <10A
Voltage115VAC (100-120VAC) | 230VAC (200-240VAC)
Power1500W | 1600VA
Frequency60Hz (115VAC) | 50Hz (230VAC)
Efficiency93% typical
Load Power Factor0.33-1 lagging or leading
Crest Factor 4 Ipk/Irms
Regulation (single mode, R-Load) -3% to +1% load | ±0.1% line
Regulation (parallel mode, R-Load) -8.5% to 0% (115VAC) | -6% to 0% (230VAC)
Total Harmonic Distortion (R-Load) <2%
ModesOn-line (Inverter Mode) | Off-line (UPS Mode)
Transfer Time<2.5mS
Protection Input Over Voltage; Input Under Voltage; Input Over Current; Output Overload; Output Surge; Output Over Voltage; Output Under Voltage; Output Over Current; Output Short Circuit; Over Temperature
Alarms General alarm signal activated by an open photo-relay if in fault mode, available at rear signal connector
LCD Display 2-line LCD panel with keypad for menu navigation
LED Indicators Green ON: Inverter ON, Red (x3) ON: Over Temperature, Fan Fail, Input or Output OV, UV, OC
Operating Temperature -25°C to +55°C up to 4000m
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
MTBF250kh @ +40°C excluding fan
Inrush CurrentETSI EN 300 132-1
EMCETSI EN 300 386 V.1.3.2; EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3; EN55024 perform. criterion A; EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4; EN55022 Class B; Telcordia NEBS GR1089
Environment StorageETSI EN 300 019-2-1; Operation: ETSI EN 300 019-2-3; Transport: ETSI EN 300 019-2-2; Damp Heat: IEC 60068-2-78
Dimensions, inches (mm)19 (482.6) W x 1.7 (43.5) H x 14.94 (379.5) H
Weight12.34lbs / 5.6kg
Mounting 19" Rack
Enclosure IP20
Model Number Input Voltage Output Voltage
Output Voltage
SLI-24-115-I 24V 115VAC 100-120VAC
SLI-24-230-I 24V 230VAC 200-240VAC
SLI-48-115-I 48V 115VAC 100-120VAC
SLI-48-230-I 48V 230VAC 200-240VAC
Code Function
-STS Built-in Static Transfer Switch
-SC Terminal Block AC Output
-HP Hot-Plug (requires 1U sub-rack)

NOTE: See datasheet for complete list of available configurations and ordering guide.