UNIPOWER LLC’s (UNIPOWER) products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship by UNIPOWER. The warranty period begins on the original date of shipment from UNIPOWER of new product. The period of this warranty is dependent upon various factors including the Product Family, whether a product is new or being returned for repair, and other conditions that may apply at UNIPOWER’s discretion.

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Suppliers to UNIPOWER, LLC are required comply with the legal obligations and existing international standards regarding Conflict Minerals (last updated April 2014)

UNIPOWER, LLC ensures our customers that our suppliers are required to comply with the legal obligations and existing international standards ensuring compliance consistent with the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act and Consumer Protection Act 1502 regarding Conflict Minerals. UNIPOWER, LLC recommends suppliers visit and utilize the information at website http://www.conflictfreesourcing.org/ as a method to ensure compliance. If you have any questions please contact tom.johnson@unipowerco.com or 954-905-1075.



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UNIPOWER LLC is aggressively pursuing compliance to the EU Directive known as RoHS.

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UNIPOWER has adopted the RoHS symbol to designate that a product is RoHS compliant. In addition the Revision level on the product label will be preceded with the letter “R”.


  • Which Unipower products are being transitioned to RoHS compliant products?
    Unipower has posted specific product compliance intent and status on our web site. We recommend you first consult our web page for your specific product family disposition.
  • Will your part numbers change to reflect RoHS compliance?
    No, Our P/N and Model Numbers will remain the same. UNIPOWER will utilize product revision to indicate RoHS compliance.
  • If there are no part number changes how will we be able to order compliant product?
    UNIPOWER suggests that customers specify RoHS compliance as a requirement within their purchase order. Once UNIPOWER identifies a product as compliant, it will no longer be necessary to include this language within your purchase orders.
  • How will we be notified of the change?
    Unipower has posted specific product compliance intent and status on our web site. We recommend you first consult our web page for your specific product family disposition.
  • How will finished products, which are RoHS compliant, be identified?
    UNIPOWER will utilize a RoHS logo applied to each product that is RoHS compliant. The logo is presented on our web site.
  • Will there be any price changes?
    At this time the impact to price or cost is not known. UNIPOWER does not anticipate any long-term price increases, however it is pre-mature to establish an absolute answer at this time.
  • Will the conversion to RoHS change the form, fit, functional performance or reliability of the product?
    At present there is no indication that the product reliability, form, fit or function will be affected in a negative fashion.
  • Will Non-RoHS products remain available, as an option to same or similar RoHS compliant products?
    UNIPOWER has elected to implement RoHS based on our standard product offering. For availability of lead-based production products please consult UNIPOWER.
  • How will product returns be affected by the RoHS initiative?
    Products returned to UNIPOWER will maintain their original RoHS status (compliant and/or non-compliant) through their lifecycle.
  • Will all UNIPOWER products be available as RoHS compliant?
    UNIPOWER has posted specific product compliance intent and status on our web site. We recommend you first consult our web page for your specific product family disposition.
  • Whom do I contact for RoHS related questions?
    Please forward your questions via email to the following address: connect@unipowerco.com. Alternatively you may contact our customer support at +1 (954) 346-2442 x1071.


The European Union Regulation EC 1907/2006, entitled “Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals”(REACH), entered into effect on June 1, 2007. The new regulation was issued to protect human health and the environment by controlling the use of harmful substances within the EU region.

UNIPOWER Corporation is a leader in high-density, low profile and hot swap power solutions for telecoms, datacoms, network equipment, servers, data storage, industrial and medical systems. These products are considered as”articles” in the REACH directive and therefore UNIPOWER is considered as a”downstream user”.

UNIPOWER’s products do not contain more than the 0.1% weight by weight of any of the chemicals listed in Annex A: Candidate list published by ECHA 28 October 2008. UNIPOWER does not import more than 1 ton of the said chemicals per year and as such is not required to register.

The products that we supply are solely non-chemical products and the content of SVHC (substances of very high concern) is below 0.1%. Under normal and reasonable foreseeable circumstances of application, UNIPOWER products will not release any harmful substances, as defined by REACH.

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PDF Format / OFFICE Format

Visit the REACH website for more information.

UNIPOWER acknowledges its responsibility to advise “downstream” users of UNIPOWER products in relation to the REACH directive, and will continue to monitor information received from its suppliers.



At UNIPOWER LLC we are committed to protecting any personal information that you may provide to us. We believe it is important for you to know how we treat information about you that we may receive from this Web site.

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